lift weights, talk shit.

exercise you will love.

I was getting fed up of the big gyms, watching everyone posing in the mirror. Waiting around for equipment. It just wasn't for me. 

The Man Cave is about lifting weights, talking shit and really making some progress physically and mentally. 

With ten years experience in strength and conditioning, I will get you feeling stronger and looking leaner. 

No bullshit approach, 2 sessions a week minimum. Focusing on technique, recovery and rehabilitation if necessary. 

Come and train with me Jayson at The Man Cave, as a dad and partner I believe its so important for a healthy outlet for our mental health. 

Working out helps keep me healthy to keep up with my kids, it helps with my mood and improves my confidence. 

I have 10 years experience in aiding men and women to lead healthier and more active lives. 

Join me on: 

Monday 6:15pm 

Tuesday 5:30am 

Wednesday 6:15pm 

Thursday 5:30am 

Focusing on a personalised approach to training in our small group training sessions. 

Price $80 per week.


Spaces are limited.

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