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I have hated my reflection. I have looked at my body like it didnt belong to me. I have starved it, binged it. I have exercised to much and not enough. Gone full circle and learnt along the way. Now I have learnt to love my body because it looks good and i feel good. Let's feel good naked!! 

I am a very lucky mum to two beautiful babes, Poppy who is 6 and Theo 2. I experienced two very different pregnancies.


After I had my daughter, I had put on 30kg, went through a relationship break up with her dad and finding the time to exercise was hard, let alone eat regularly. 


 I slowly learnt more about nutrition and how to fuel our female body. I applied this knowledge to my second pregnancy gained 8kg and birthed a 5kg baby boy. Knowledge changed everything for me. 


I became very self conscious and for years i would never wear shorts or singlets when i was in the gym or out. I wore leggings all summer 2 years ago because I felt uncomfortable, even as a personal trainer I have insecurities.

Since having my son i have learnt a whole new respect for my body, not for how it looks but what it does, i have removed myself from the diet culture and choose to no longer encourage it, not just for me but for the little people i influence and for you as well! Sustainability is key!!!

I have created an incredible how to feel good naked program and it's a two step journey, the first step begins on the 21st of September. 

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We are more than just a number on a scale, your self worth should not be determined by your gravitational pull to the earth.  Selflove and mental mindset are core topics i focus on so you can not only feel results but see them aswell. 

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Instead of just chucking you a meal plan and sending you on your way we learn about the nutrition you need to fuel your body and to feel good in your skin. You are quite literally what you eat so knowledge is power. Working through your food story and understanding where those negative thoughts come from. 


My feel good naked journey is all about you. 

focusing on the core components and working on small steps for sustainable change.


"I haven't got the time" 

An excuse as old as time. We do have the time. We are just scared of trying something new. 

90 minutes a week. 

15 minutes a day or 30 minutes 3 x per week. 

"I haven't got the money"

$60 once off payment with a money back guarantee.  We don't flinch at spending that money our kids but for ourselves we question, 


"I don't want to do it on my own"

You won't be. You will have me as your coach to answer Qs'. advise and motivate. as well as a like minded community to listen to the wins and console through the losses. 

"hmm maybe later"

Wrong excuse. This is an epic deal. I know how amazing this program works when followed. 

The price after the 22nd of September will be $199. 

FOMO is a bitch. 

What is included in round one?

  • Exclusive access to The Health Coach App. 

  • 6 weeks of  accountability, motivation, connection and check ins

  • An understanding into eating, so you learn how to fuel your body, not starve it. Eat the carbs. Eat with the family. 

  • A recipe hub with over 30 family friendly recipes to use, as well as share with others. 

  • Exercise classes ran 5 times a week via zoom. 

  • A thriving safe online community to share your wins and losses , with like minded people.

  • Suitable for vegans and allergy sufferers. 

  • A see results or your money back* 

  • An amazing saving -  price after 21st September $199

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Big Shout out to Sarah Littlebury

12 mo

35kg Gone

I feel strong. the support was incredible. This is nothing like a diet or restrictions. Alisha teaches you so much to apply to your everyday life. I have more energy and i feel incredible. 


Eat The Food

In the first 2 weeks, we will have a 5 minute session on what you eat too see if we need any improvements. 


We have a hub of recipes but this is about looking at what you already do and how we can make it better.

Why? To create healthier habits we need to ask ourselves questions 

You will have unlimited access inside the health coach app, where you will find recipes suitable for vegans, gluten free, dairy free and many other intolerance. These recipes are family friendly. 

Learning about your body and why nutrition is so important is crucial. 

Move The Body

Wednesday 6pm & Saturday 8:30am.

Join our online zoom workouts. 

Included in your 6 week program. 

Focusing on NEAT and making movement enjoyable! 

Personal training available at additional cost. 

All sessions are available to be booked in via the app. 

6 on demand workouts available though the move group on THC app. 

Work The Mind

Through daily prompts to reflect on your day, we will learn to shift the shit and find confidence

Plus 2 exclusive workshops live & recorded for you to go through at your own pace. 

We are here to feel good and thats starts from within. 

Being in the THC app away from social media enjoy sharing your journey with like minded people. 

Feel Good Naked 

Program in progress



Terms and conditions apply to money back guarantee.

Must complete all tasks and weekly check in. 

Join waitlist


"Alisha has seriously changed my life, I now have so much more respect for my mind and body. i couldnt of done it without her, if you are feeling stuck she is your person."

"I didn't realise how much I needed this, I was so over putting myself last and this was such a simple and easy way to put myself back as a priority. Thank you so much Alisha"

Get in touch. 


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