Water tastes gross!!

Change up the water!

Yesterday we set a challenge of spicing up the water! It was great to see how everyone mixes up their H2O! Water can be seriously underrated it’s super important so learning how to mix it up a little encourages you to drink a bit more!

It’s literally responsible for how our body runs and without we go downhill fast.. how many days can you survive water?

Our bodies are made up of nearly 60% water! So it’s really important that even though we may be stuck at home and maybe a little less active we still need to hydrate our bodies.

Do you know the signs of dehydration?

  • Fatigue

  • Irritability

  • Headache

One of the first signs of dehydration is actually thinking your thirsty and if your not have a look at your wee, if your urine is pale yellow you are hydrated! If your urine is darker go and grab some water, dark urine can also occur from medication and high B12!

Apart from curing dehydration 🤣 water helps stabiles our moods, regulate our toileting habits... annoying I know but the average person urinates nearly 8 times in a day! If you get that intense feeling of always needing to go to the loo that could be a sign of an overactive bladder and checking in with your gp would be a good idea! Anyway there’s more.

Decreasing headaches or at least relieving headaches, it may also help reduce the risk of UTIs in both adults and children!

So although it might be a challenge try some of these tips of mixing it up and giving it a go.

We need a base level of 2.7 litres a day... the best way to get started if your not a fan of drinking it because let’s face it some of us aren’t somedays it’s a habit you have to create, so start by remembering to have a glass of water at meal times!

If your a seasoned water drinker and your exercising at a high intensity aim to drink an extra 1 litre a day 💦

can it be something different?

Some other options that go to your total daily water intake are fruits especially oranges, water melon etc plus your getting a great source of vitamins as well! Teas and coffee just make sure your trying to minimise the sugar, some teas and coffee contain caffeine and the myth of that acting a diuretic has been debunked, juice but be mindful of artificial sweetener and added sugars.

Soft drink

What about soft drink, a study was done comparing soft drink to water, although it did hydrate it was only temporary and water was longer lasting! Another one was milk because of the lactose sugar it contains that’s why our babies need it, it fills them with calories from the sugar and hydrates as well!

Fluid and the mistrial cycle? Will be talking more on that tomorrow 💓



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