Top 4 tips to get moving at home.(motivation not included. sorry)

How to workout from home..

So the online game is back in full swing. I want to share a few tips and tricks for you to remain physically healthy and mentally sane!

Tip one take the sessions with an instructor who is still motivating you through a screen, the YouTube sessions are great but we all know it’s so easy to hit pause or sit down and watch them sweat instead... yep done that! Having your coach push you and make sure your still moving safely and efficiently keeps you moving even when you don’t want!

Tip two - set up a “space” your workout zone. A part of the house that you use to go and do your exercise, set the mood there have your towel, mat and equipment in that one spot. Treat it like your home gym.

Tip 3 - maintain routine, this is important for the mental part, when your days morph into on, it is crucial to set up structure to ensure you have some normality. Check out the timetable and book in for those classes, wake up in the morning get your activewear on set the intentions.

Tip 4 - be easy on yourself & reach out if your struggling mentally, it’s what we are here for, even it’s a phone call for a vent a message of excitement because you’ve achieved something stay focused on celebrating the wins and also understanding the loses.

This may sound unachievable or to hard. Take one step at a time, that’s what I’m doing.

Share this post now is more important than ever going into the second phase of social isolation to connect I know the effects first hand of what impact it had on our mental health the first time round so let’s recognise those things and fight hard to help improve a shitty situation.

Support your local health and fitness studios although you might not be able to pop in for a coffee you can still virtually pop into a class and do something that’s going to better your mental health because god knows we need it more than ever


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