The shit show of 2020

What a blow, in this situation I truely don’t know how to feel, it’s totally out of my control.

The fury of being told to close your business hurts it really does, it’s like giving a toy to your child and then taking it away. they don’t quite understand why it’s happening to them but after a little while the dust settles.

See for small businesses & Sole traders there are some criteria you need to meet to be applicable for the grants ours didn’t meet those. To keep our business afloat during the last lockdown we had to take from our super to ensure we could cover bills and rent because although the world stops these things don’t.

This business is my third child I have loved grown and nurtured it and although it’s scary I can’t help but think positive thoughts you get out of life what you put in and if we can show up everyday and put some positivity and motivation in your world when it feels like it might be tumbling down that’s what matters most.

money it comes and goes yes it obviously helps, but the community that we strive to create and the support and love that is tactical fitness will always stand the rest of time.

Ive always been resourceful and i know that if I can’t put food on the table I have an outpouring of amazing people around me that will help.

the message here is to reach out when your struggling, to say your not ok and to understand those feelings, not everything is sunshine and rainbows.

through the last lockdown I had to up my anti depressants because I felt like I wasn’t mentally coping it was a lot to take on, this time although I’m not going into this blind, I have tools & I know that we have support, it might not be from the government but It’s from friends as well as our community and that’s far more important.

I love you all and I can’t wait to see you toda

this will not defeat us together we are stronger together we have each other

my inbox and phone is always open and here are some helpful hotlines if you feel you are not coping and need additional support.

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