Take the photo. Share the post about you! Let you shine!

Take the photo.

There’s probably a whole heap of screen shots, photos of 1000 miscellaneous objects from your kids walking around pressing the camera button, a few other 1000 of the kids doing cute things.

A couple of some coffee art a few of your smashed avo but how many have you got of you?

There was a time when I used to love taking a photo of myself not because I’m vein or I love myself but because I had the confidence to do it.

Over the last few years of mothering I lost that confidence but I’m bringing it back. Apart of our feel good naked program is going to be about taking the selfie to get some photos of you because god knows one day our kids are going to love them a memory of their mum a photo of you smiling looking happy feeling confident.

These photos aren’t to shine a light up your ass they are for you to embrace you! So tell me when was the last time you took a selfie?


Alisha Hill 



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