Let’s play pretend.

I could upload these snaps with a caption of;

beach day🌈☀️

Because that’s what social media is for right? Showing the highlight reel! These photos are beautiful my little babes had a frolic down the beach for a little bit.

But today I DID NOT want to be mum, I’m tired, they are on a Halloween crash from a late night and way to many lollies, every inch of me is resentful for having to be at home with them both today and Jayson being at work. I’m not here to lie, the thought of him spending the day conversing with his work mates angers me, as I’m sat here shouting “put that down” “get that out of your mouth” “your not having anymore of your Halloween treats”.

Before 5pm hit I was craving bedtime and some silence. I was wishing for 8pm to roll around so they can both be in bed. I was waiting for it to be 6pm so I could have a wine with my dinner. I was wishing the night and my time with them away.

Should I feel guilty about this? Hell to the no!

If you have a bad day at work and you can’t wait to see the time for you to clock off do you feel guilty? Nope. Definitely not. So why should it be any bloody different? Motherhood doesn’t have a finish time of a clock off.

So if you want to feel those negative thoughts feel them let them pass and let it be.

The highlight reel of our life is a beauty but if we spent a couple of minutes really to describe the caption it wouldn’t be beach days it would be -

I took my lovely children to the fucking beach where they ran in two different bloody directions one tried to run in the water. The other was throwing bloody sand at people I looked like a crazy bitch screaming and shouting the wrong names at the wrong children. I wanted to stay for a couple of hours but after 30 minutes I was bloody done and I shoved them in the car kicking and screaming bribing them with ice cream to get there belts on.

AKA - ☀️💥🔥 beach days 🌈🌈

Pfft what a load of shit.

originally posted 1/11/2019

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