I Feel Empowered

“My name is Sarah I feel empowered to take control of my own happiness and to achieve my goals through understanding of whole body approach to eating exercise stress control & sleep I feel comfortable and confident”

Sarah just recently completed her transformation challenges with us, you see a transformation challenge isn’t just about your body composition. It’s about your mental and physical wellbeing as well!

We asked Sarah how this was different to any other challenge she has done

“there was complete support from my trainer ensuring correct techniques so I was not injured. Encouraging me to achieve my best for me. She also supported me on a physical & mental basis of reassuring me that what I was doing was right for me”

Sarah works full time is a Mum and a grandmother, she is the backbone, always there to support and offer guidance to anyone, Sarah has achieved so much by allowing herself her “me time” which was training, where she focused on nothing else, no matter the crap that was thrown at her and it’s been more than most could handle!

Her positive attitude and determination is admirable. That’s why Sarah’s biggest takeaway was “Self importance and remembering it’s ok to have me time” I think we could all take on that advice!

The biggest change for Sarah was finally

Understanding nutrition and food the why’s and when, not feeling as if she was going without. Understanding the importance of combining food exercise and generally better habits with sleep stress & life coping skills.

My coach Alisha helped me the most by Honesty not sugar coating what I need to do. Being encouraging and understanding while still pushing me in the right direction to achieve.

Sarah’s biggest achievement in her journey was Consistently showing up even during hardships.

Loosing dress sizes and feeling more confident!

Her one piece of advice for someone struggling with their health, physical and mental is “Listen to your trainer and your body, don’t throw in the towel when things get harder than you expected

We start our feel good naked journey in 9 days are you doing it with us?


Alisha Hill 



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