I’m no size 12

Myers opened back up, during iso i had been eyeing of a pair of black mom jeans from miss shop, they had 40% off and it seemed like I was meant to be 🥰

So I got them home, I normally live In active wear for obvious reasons, so when Friday came around and it was time for me to slip into something less Lycra, my heart was a flurry thinking about the jeans id dreamt of on my bod.

mom jeans are meant to be a bit loose a bit bit baggy and for my inverted triangle bod the perfect fit to accentuate my odd curves.

they didnt fit they hugged my leg like a skinny jean and the muffin top was real, a real sense of dissappointment washed over me not because I wasn’t fitting into a size 12 but because in jeans of the same style from seed I’m a loose size 10.

i could of taken them back and got my $30 back but I haven’t done that nope, not at all. today I start our feel good naked journey and I’m going to use my jeans as a tool.

this way is a much more mentally beneficial way to track your progress stepping on the scales every week or every day plays havoc with my mind and I haven’t done it for a long time, instead I walked around in the jeans remembered how they felt and even took some photos.

in a weeks time I’ll try them on again and repeat this process until weeks 8.

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