First Day Back 😭

Today kicked off the first day back in the gym 😍

I honestly can not wait for the rest of this week, it’s like walking into a whole new space and I’m reallly amazed at how well it all came together, couldn’t of completed the new look with out Vimoca Painting - Cam & Tori are absolutely amazing to work with, I never knew there were so many shades of white!

I‘ve been a little nervous and so has Bianca, coming from the screen everyday back into real time is exactly what we both needed! Social creatures we are 🙌🏼

anyway to the more important matter!!!


started today everyone that came along today got 2 points, 5 if you came at 6pm.

so heres how to score points

Base Points ⬇️⬇️

2 points class attendance

2 points 70000 steps

3 points check in

5 points 6am/6pm class

3 points social share

Running for until The end of July winner announced 1st August

Bonus points uploaded daily on the app announcement


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