Fat loss is a flower 🌷

What you put in your body affects how you look and how you feel. We quite literally are what we eat! Just knowing this makes you realise that diet and nutrition choices aren’t logical, they are emotional.⁣

Fat loss is like learning a new language, you’ll not be fluent in a matter of weeks it takes many years to master. Learning the basics or even revisiting them are going to help immensely. ⁣

Think of fat loss as a flower. Every flower grows at a different pace and flowers don’t compete against other flowers they just bloom.⁣

If you’re lost don’t keep walking in the wrong direction, stop and ask someone you trust for directions or find a good shop and buy a map. Learning to navigate yourself takes time but that time is reduced down significantly with a good mentor.⁣

You don’t need carbs in your diet to drop body fat just as much as you don’t need a car to get to your workplace 30kms away. It does, however, make the journey more enjoyable, quicker, easier and you reduce your risk of being fired or quitting because it’s too much effort to get there.⁣

The hare sped off at an incredible pace after ridiculing the tortoise and was so confident in winning the race that he took a nap halfway round. When he woke he found that the tortoise had overtaken him and won the race. Always be a tortoise.⁣

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