Breastfeeding & Exercise

Breast feeding and exercise..

Things we hear.

“It’s going to effect my supply”

What we know.

Exercise doesn’t effect your supply aslong as you are wearing a supportive maternity bra check out @belle.maternity & @mummactiv and your are staying hydrated by regularly sipping on h20.

Things we hear “I’m breast feeding and I’m going on a diet is that a good idea”

What we know going into calorific deficit whilst breast feeding is dangerous, supplementing should also be avoided in the form of weight loss shakes, pills etc. there is not enough scientific information to advise whether this is beneficial for you our your milk supply and quality. What should you do? Ensure you are eating a wide variety of healthy nourishing foods that are nutrient rich! There’s a myth that breastfeeding supports weight loss and although some may see a drop in weight whilst feeding this isn’t necessarily true the ABA have an interesting study to say there is nothing to support this. In fact it’s more likely a breast feeding woman will store fat going back to our ancestory where in case we were to go through periods of not finding food our body would depend on its fat stores to provide nourishment for our infant.

So to summarise movement is reccomended for all Mummas feeding there babes no matter how you feed them. Fed is best. Exercise and movement assists in us realising happy hormones which can have a profound effect when experiencing PND.

If you have any questions around exercise and your postnatal journey be sure to get in touch💓


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