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I told the team I was doing this with them, I also promised myself I want to do “iso” on a good note and come out feeling stronger and fitter for it. . I want to step into June and into our ‘feel good naked challenge’ on the right foot. I’m also getting married in 11 months and although I love my body, I really do. I know that I want to loose some weight & I want to rebuild some lost muscle as well as feel stronger (which has already started). So here is my accountability, to all of my team of strong men and woman. I am here for it the good change the struggles and everything in between.

I took my “before photo” (to the left) at the end of April. By implementing one change per week to my lifestyle I can visibly see change which is rewarding!

. Our 8 weeks to feel good naked begins on June 1st. We will be working through mental hurdles, thoughts and opinions, self talk, emotional eating, food to make you feel good, exercise to make you look good and for all our current tactical members it’s completely free to do the challenge as a way to say thank you for all their support during lockdown! - We have a shine journal so we can work on all that good stuff we are going to be saying about ourselves. The eat,move,sleep diary as well as daily “I did” list! To track our results and work towards an end sight of a photoshoot 😍😍 - This is from 3 weeks of moving with purpose, having accountability and enjoying the journey! I’m excited to see what happens once we really get started in a few short weeks 🤞🏼 . . Who’s excited? I know I am. & although I do feel good naked I always know there’s room in my life for a little better & with two kids, working full time and surviving rona I’m excited to have something booked in to focus on just me 😍 . Who’s ready and excited?!?


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