Feel Good Naked. 

Feel Good For You

If like me you are fed up of being bombarded with “loose weight quick” “drop the last 5kg” & all the advertising that makes us feel bad about our body than read on. 


I know first hand the journey we travel through the vicious circle where we’ve been sitting on the feeling of not looking great or feeling great about ourselves naked or fully dressed.


Then we quickly want to find a way to fix the problem, we look into meal replacement shakes all the crazy diets out there on a way to loose it quickly but never really understand how to maintain that without forking out $$ every time then we get back to the start of the circle. 

Our feel good naked journey is all about you.

All about how to create lasting habits to grow your confidence and love your body through and through not just when your at a goal weight.

Learning to love your body is the first step in feeling good and seeing how good you really do look. 

Do It For You

Through the last few months we haven’t been our number one priority & now it is a more relevant time than ever to be focusing on our physical and mental health, I will show you how to feel good naked. 


Our 8 week journey will be a journey of easy self discovery with simple steps implemented weekly to get amazing results for whatever you may be working towards.  


As you can see from my photos 3 weeks into my feel good naked journey and the photos from our team that have completed this.


it is the same journey I will take you on, I haven’t purchased any meal replacements, nor have I restricted my self. I have implemented all the steps I will be taking you through and im proud to say im really beginning to feel good naked. 

What will we do?

We will take an in-depth look at eating, emotional eating, habits around our food through simple tasks that take up 15 minutes of your day.


You will have a beautiful diary to track your eating habits and the meals you have, each week we will look through your diary and look at what we can do to improve your week. 

Working through an easy point system to achieve weekly movement, you will have the ability to do this challenge with us at the studio/online by joining one of our many classes.


We will also be giving you a greater understanding of the movement you need to be doing to align with your goals and outcome. Forget about training everyday for an hour twice a day to get results physically, I will show you that less is more. 

Through our share journal we will come together each week to utilise a mindset task to allow us to set personal targets for what we want to see, feel and achieve.


As well as helping us work through those negative things we constantly swarm ourselves with in all areas of our life I promise that you will finish this journey with greater self confidence physically and mentally. 

With no overwhelming information, bite size topics and simple steps.


Whatever your reason to want to feel good naked we will work together to get you there. 


Our 8 week feel good naked journey is free for all our tactical members all you need to do is purchase your shine package which includes your Eat, Move, Sleep Journal, Share book full of amazing and insightful prompts and a space to share what your really feeling, a start now pad with space to right down all the things you have accomplished daily!! 

I am all in how do I start?

If you aren’t a Tactical Member and want to join in you have two options.

Join The Team 

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Join Us Online

Don't want to join us at the studio, but you still want to feel good naked with us? No worries! 

I am already a member. I just want my books.

I Really Want To Do This But Have Questions

Get in touch. 


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