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As a mum of two very busy little people, I know how important it is for us as parents to be able to have a safe and inviting space for you to be able to focus on yourself, I have created a child friendly studio so that you are able to regain some of that confidence, independence and some you time in your busy week. 


Tactical means a procedure to a desired outcome. Fitness means something different to everyone, most will claim they have none, some will say they have a lot. Your journey with us will allow you to understand that doesn't matter.

Working out with us will bring you to your desired outcome with the help and assistance in one of our many group exercise classes as well as our weight based programmes all set in our holistic, child friendly, community focused studio.

We will work with you to address hurdles mentally and physically, aid you in setting some helpful targets by keeping you accountable and motivated.

Begin the journey of looking after your mental and physical health with our dedicated trainers. Small increases to movement will increase your mindset, start seeing results on the outside by feeling them on the inside too.

You have control of your health make the choice to improve it with Tactical Fitness.

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10 Fonceca Street 

Mordialloc 3195

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Work with one of our expert trainers online in the comfort of your own home. 

What our team has to say. 

'Tactical fitness is a community of inspirational people committed to improving their health and well being not only for themselves but their family and friends and local community"

Maxine Thompson

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