My name is Dominique and now I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.

Introducing you to the fabulous teacher, wife and mother of two Dominique Monotti. Now i would love to explain Doms amazing progress but she captures it perfectly below read Doms story and how she conquered the world last year and how enthused she is to begin her UFT journey this year! 

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"When I started at Tactical, I was so unfit. I could barely do a squat, I couldn’t run to the end of my street (it’s a very short street and we live in the middle!) and I was starting to struggle to even carry my kids. After having my kids, my body had broken down. I had a abdominal separation (2-4cm relaxed and 1.5-2.5cm active) that meant I couldn’t do certain exercises, my cardio fitness had gone AWOL and I definitely wasn’t eating what I should’ve. I knew I had to try something different. I’d been a member of a gym in the past but knew that I’d be wasting my money joining up again because I’d make excuses not to go. I decided to do a trial at Tactical to see if I liked it. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming that I didn’t feel out of place.

Even though I struggled to complete my first session, Alisha talked me through the different exercises and helped me modify things that I couldn’t do. One of the best things for me was that my two kids could come with me. I no longer had the excuse of not having someone to look after them while I exercised. When Alisha told me about the UFT, I thought it was interesting but I wasn’t sure. After all, I was super unfit, six months seemed like a very long time and I’d never done a ‘diet’. Alisha assured me that I’d be fine and that what I’d be doing would fit in with my family and busy schedule.

I figured that I didn’t have anything to lose, so I bit the bullet. Before I had kids I was pretty fit and active. I did gymnastics and cross country as a teenager, I coached the aerobics team at my school and could even out do a fair few of the kids on the beep test. I never used to have to think about whether I could or should do any sort of physical activity, I just did it. Since having kids, I struggled to find the motivation to even go for a walk. Anytime I tried something, everything hurt and it just didn’t feel right. Doing the UFT made exercise fun again. I actually want to turn up, even when I’m exhausted. It’s such a rush being able to do better every week - lifting more, running further, and even lasting that little bit longer.

As much as it feels great to achieve those goals for myself, doing the UFT also meant that I was sharing in other people’s achievements too. I was watching other incredible women smashing their targets and it made me want to keep pushing harder. One of my main concerns was the food element of the UFT. I love my food, I’ve never been a dieter and I’ve always just eaten what I wanted without ever thinking too much about it. I had, however, gotten myself into some pretty bad habits. I was rarely eating breakfast and I was barely eating during the day because I was more focused on my kids. As a result, I was reaching for junk just for that quick, convenient hit to get me by. The UFT taught me about how to get organised and be prepared with nutritious, tasty food so that I wouldn’t be caught out.

There were definitely times when I wondered why I was doing it and if it was even making a difference. My before and after pictures of my first 12 weeks didn’t show much difference. I thought I was doing everything right- I was turning up to every session, running regularly and eating the right things at the right times. After a chat with Jayson we decided to tweak a few things. They were really small changes but they made a massive difference in the end. My biggest challenge was my brother’s wedding in Bali just two weeks out from the big photo shoot. There I was overseas, surrounded by lots of tempting food and drinks and no gym. I was able to use what I’d learned to make better food choices and still get to enjoy myself. Jayson and Alisha even armed me with a workout that I could do at my villa and I even managed to rope some family members into joining me. I was pretty impressed that I managed to keep up with my cousin who’s an elite international soccer player. Now that I’ve completed the UFT, I can run over 5km non-stop, I can deadlift over my body weight and I can even do an unassisted chin-up. I’ve also reduced my abdominal separation. People keep asking me how much weight I’ve lost but because the focus has been on strength and fitness, I’ve replaced the fat with muscle and only lost less that 2kg in total! The best change other than the fitness one has been my confidence in myself. I’m feeling more like myself again. I’m happier and I’m healthier. The UFT must’ve done something good to me because my husband’s decided to join me next year because he wants in on it too!"

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Watching Dominiques confidence in the way in which she moves her body has been inspiring, the mental change in her perception to her health and wellbeing has evolved so much, it has encouraged her to take the time to focus on herself, get her family out doing the 1000 steps together and watching mum do it has inspired her 4 year old daughter to march them on her own with them! Now that is creating some seriously healthy habits for the future generation engaging them to enjoy exercise and moving their bodies! We can not wait to sit down and map out some serious kick ass goals with dom for this year and with her hubby on board to this is going to make for a serious power couple!! 

My name is Dominique and now I feel like I can do anything I set my mind to.

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