My name is Sarah and I now feel confident, healthy and strong!

12 months ago nearly to the day Sarah came into our tactical tribe and we have never looked back, however 12 months ago Sarah actually looked like a completely different person, same warm welcoming smille, friendly eyes and spirited personality. She had 6 or so months ago given birth to her second baby, Sarah has had some pretty traumatic experiences with the births of her children and the first years of their lives enough to make the strongest crumble but sarah held her head high and soildered through these experiences even to this day. 

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See sarahs before photos here. 

Sarah 12 months ago was over 30kg heavier and was at a time in her life where she found her snap point she had enough and was ready to do something for her to feel stronger and in control of her body and habits.To feel more confident. We started out just with our group fitness classes where sarah could barely do a push up on her knees let alone her toes. Sarah went away on holiday to see her parents and now normally on a holiday this is where the hard work stops but not for this lady she powered through this and continued applying th eknowledge we had taught her, this time she pritotised looking after herself.

UFT 2018 started and in full swing this woman was on it. She had a goal and damn was she determined to reach it. Rocking up to sessions with next to no sleep waking up at 4:30am to prep her meals for the day, before she dropped the kids off to daycare and went to work herself, there was no excuses. Yeah of course she fell off the wagon a few times at one point she was 100% ready to chuck the towel in. The thought of a photo shoot and rocking all these insecurites that she had hidden away for so long, to confront them head on was daunting, shopping for outifits was troublesome, see although you look at these pictures here and think wow she looks amazing, she didnt feel it in the lead up. Working with Sarah to overcome these demons that played on her mind was so rewarding to watch her embrace the stregnth she has worked so hard to achieve and to stand there half naked half the size of the woman she used to be and for her to finally recognize that was a magical moment. Dont be confused weight loss is not the answer unless you can mentally see the changes in the mirror and for sarah the reflection she kept on seeing was the woman that was 30kg heavier. 

For over 12 years Sarah says she has struggled with her weight and fitness. In the last year sarah has set herself some pretty awesome goals and has ticked off every single one of them, from barely being able to do a push up on her knees, she is now doing chin ups with a 10kg belt around her waist, squatting and deadlifting way more than her body weight and with years of feeling like she couldnt do it because her health and fitness was holding her back she has successfully completed all the entrance exams into the Victoria Police! What a year. 


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Working with Sarah to encourage and enable her to be the strong woman she knows she can be has been so rewarding for myself and jayson, the determination she has despite the difficult situations and experiences she been through in the 2 years we have been together has given her more drive to succeed even on the days that she didnt think she could. 

We cant wait to set start the new year with you and watch you set and smash new goals, to ugly cry and everything else in between. 

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My name is Sarah and I now feel confident, healthy and strong!

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