My name is Siana I now feel confident and comfortable in myself and proud of what my body can do.

6 months ago Siana began her UFT journey with us, there is a lot to know about this amazing woman before we begin, Siana has struggled her whole life being a professional ballet dancer, she suffered with eating disorders as a young woman and this only grew more prominent. 

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Fast forward a few years she gave birth to her beautiful Austin 2 years ago, this hasnt been an easy journey Austin has been a very poorly boy due to many allergy complications.

Lots of hospital trips and a pile of stress trying to manage his allergies as breast milk is was one of the only safe foods for him Siana had to flip her whole perception of food around and make it work for her. Her story inspired us all.

Siana says 

"Ballet was my passion for so many years, I started dancing for my 6th birthday and loved every minute of it. What I didn’t see was how it was affecting my sense of self, my confidence and love of my body. I grew to hate everything that my body was not, everything that it couldn’t do or look like. 

For years I struggled with my image and used eating as a way to feel in control of my otherwise out of control life. I restricted my diet ridiculously and only felt a sense of accomplishment as I beat the number on the scale, my goal became a smaller and smaller weight. For a long time I continued a pattern of starvation and binge eating in the hopes of achieving some unobtainable number because I felt once I had achieved that my life would suddenly be perfect. 

Fast forward to when I had my baby in August 2016. My gorgeous little boy was allergic to most things. He reacted to lot of foods in my diet as I was breast feeding. I cut dairy, soy, eggs and nuts. He continued to have symptoms. We later we discovered that he also was also reacting to rice, banana and pineapple through breast milk. With him as my motivation I was able to cut all these things from my diet. I was so nervous about anything I put in my body and how it might affect my little boy. But my new thing was finding any way I could sabotage my diet without causing pain to my baby. If there was a biscuit, lolly or ice cream I could find that was safe for him, I would eat it.

My new years resolution this year was to join the local gym, it had good reviews from mums on being kid friendly (I didn’t trust the gym creches with my allergy baby). I hoped that I could get back my energy and make some mum friends. A couple of months in to my training Alisha and Jayson started advertising their transformation challenge. When I spoke with Jayson I decided this was what I needed to do to change the rut I was in. I needed to remember that food was not to monster I kept believing it was and remember how to eat to fuel my body. Jayson assured me I could do MP even with my long list of off limit foods. I needed to shift my focus when it came to food. And this is exactly what MP did for me.

The biggest thing about this photo is, when I look at it now I see the imperfect technique of someone who hasn’t danced in years, but I also see the strength and I am proud of what my body can achieve. I have learnt that how I look won’t change my life, but fuelling my body correctly will. I have the energy to do what I want to do, I have new tools to manage my stress and anxiety and a community of people around me at the gym who will always have my back.  I have so many more goals to smash and am so glad to have some amazing trainers behind me to support me every step of the way."



We have worked with her online with her nutrition and in the gym training. 

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There were injuries times were she couldnt train, sick little man, new job a lot of people would use these things as excuses road blockers to a successful outcome not Siana every hurdle that stood in her way she found a way around and from the photos below you can see that it was worth. 
Check out sianas before and afters here

Sianas been training for 9 months now with us and loves chin ups! Three things that Siana consistently implemented were;

  1. Listened to my body. 

  2. Ate at least 4 meals a day.

  3. Always started the day with an mp meal

One piece of advice siana would like to leave with you is this

"Start with one small change you can stick with" 

My name is Siana I now feel confident and comfortable in myself and proud of what my body can do.