65cm Gone For Ever In 12 Weeks!!!

Meet FIRE superstar Kelly -


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Kelly started training with us in september and since then has astonished herself and us with the results she has achieved in her first 6 weeks she dropped an amazing 43cm thats 8cm a week nearly!! From training 2-3 times a week there was no running miles no starving herself or changing her eating habits it just goes to show that when you exercise with professionals in a suportive environment results are guranteed thats what we provide for all our clients at tactical fitness! Kelly is a busy working mum of a 4 and 7 year old so between schoolo drop offs kinder pick ups sporting and dance duties as well as a very hectic work life excuses are wiped away if this superwoman can find 40 minutes twice a week so can you! It always seems impossible until you do it! 

What is one thing you werent ablel to do before you started this program with us that you can now? 

Fit into my jeans and run up my stairs at home without being out of breathe. And actually enjoying fitness- This is major for me as it used to feel like a chore! I was also able to complete the summit survivor with my tactical fitness team!! 

If you could describe it to a stranger what would you say? 

-Fire is a great small group environment with other mums like me who need more structured accountability to drive the results I need

How do you feel about your results? 

. - strong and disciplined -

What has been your proudest achievement from finishing your first program?

I’m proud that my results are sticking and not just a quick fix. -

I’m happy that it’s given me my confidence back and the ability to make time for myself as a priority too, which has spiralled into other parts of my life- not just only my body shape, but my also my skin and mental health!

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